The Frontend handles scan submission to the Brain, stores the results of the scanned files. These results can be displayed through a web graphical user interface or via the command line interface.


The Frontend must be installed on a GNU/Linux system. With some efforts, it should be possible to run it on a Microsoft Windows system, but this has not been tested yet.

This section describes how to get the source code of the application and to install it.


Let us recall first the inner architecture of the Frontend. It uses multiple technologies with each a specific purpose:

  • A client through which a user submits a file and get the analysis results. There are two clients bundled in the repository: a web user interface and a command-line client.
  • A python-based restful API, served by a NGINX web server and a uWSGI application server. It gets the results of a file scan by querying a database.
  • A worker that will handle scan submission to the Brain and store the results of analyzes scheduled by the Brain. The worker relies on Celery, a python-based distributed task queue.
  • A database server (PostgreSQL) is used to store results of analyzes made on each file submitted either by the web graphical interface or the CLI client.