The Brain is a python-based application that only dispatches analysis requests from different frontends [1] to the available Probes. Analyses are scheduled by the Brain on Probes through Celery, an open source task.


[1]This feature is not ready yet, we are currently working on its implementation.


The Brain must be installed on a GNU/Linux distribution. With some efforts, it should be possible to run it on a Microsoft Windows system, but this has not been tested yet.

This section describes how to get the source code of the application for the Brain and to install it.


Let us recall first the inner architecture of the Brain. It uses multiple technologies with a specific purpose each:

  • a Celery worker that handles scan requests from Frontends and results returned by the Probes.
  • a RabbitMQ server used by Celery as a backend and as a broker for task queues and job queues used to schedule tasks for Probes (for scan jobs) and the Frontend (for scan results).
  • an SFTP server where files to be scanned are uploaded by Frontends and downloaded by Probes,


In the Frontend, we use a nginx web server to serve the uWSGI application and the static web site that query the API in order to get results of scanned files and to present them to the user.

SQL server

The Frontend relies on a PostgreSQL database to keep track of all scans info.