Connect to a vagrant box through ssh

If you don’t already have it download vagrant insecure_private_key

$ wget -O insecure_private_key

Then change rights on the key otherwise ssh will complains and connect to your vagrant box

$ chmod 700 insecure_private_key
$ ssh vagrant@ -i insecure_private_key

Enable SSL using OpenSSL in ansible scripts

If you want to activate SSL on the frontend server, you’ll need:

  • modify frontend_openssl variables in group_vars/frontend:
frontend_openssl: True # Default is false
frontend_openssl_dh_param: # put the DH file locations
frontend_openssl_certificates: [] # an array of files {source, destination}
                                  # to copy to the server
  • Uncomment (and customize) the nginx_sites variable in the group_vars/frontend, a commented example is available.

Then, provision or re-provision your infrastructure. Ansible will only change file related to OpenSSL and Nginx configurations.

Speed up your Vagrant VMs

Install this softwares:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-cachier
$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest