Playing with tags

Tags are available in IRMA from version 1.3.0

Creating a tag

You could create tags by using the command line tools

>>> from irma.helpers import *
>>> tag_list()

>>> tag_new("archive")
{u'text': u'archive', u'id': 1}

>>> tag_list()
[Tag archive [1]]

or directly from your terminal by using curl and posting a json with ‘text’ key:

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8"  -X POST -d '{"text":"<your tag>"}'


There is currently no way to create a tag directly from the web IHM.

Tagging a File

Directly in web IHM, once you are on a file details page:

Add a tag to a file

Just click the tag bar and you will see all available tags. You could add multiple tags.

See added tags

It is also possible to add a tag through command line tools:

>>> from irma.helpers import *
>>> file_tag_add?
Signature: file_tag_add(sha256, tagid, verbose=False)
Add a tag to a File

:param sha256: file sha256 hash
:type sha256: str of (64 chars)
:param tagid: tag id
:type tagid: int
:return: No return

>>> file_tag_add("346ae869f7c7ac7394196de44ab4cfcde0d1345048457d03106c1a0481fba853",1)

Searching by tag

You could specify one or more tags while searching for files too:

Add a tag while searching files

choose your tag list then hit the search button:

Search by tag

or by command line:

>>> from irma.helpers import *
>>> file_search(tags=[1])
(1, [<irma.apiclient.IrmaResults at 0x7f079ca23890>])