SSL settings

Making RabbitMQ running SSL

Certificates generation

See rabbitmq detailled guide on how to generate server and clients certificates here

Update server settings on brain

Copy the RabbitMQ configuration template provided in ”./extras/rabbitmq” to “/etc/rabbitmq”

Restart RabbitMQ:

$ sudo service rabbitmq-server restart

Allow irma to use SSL with RabbitMQ


Frontend configuration file is <irma dir>/config/frontend.ini

Brain configuration file is <irma dir>/config/brain.ini

Probe configuration file is <irma dir>/config/probe.ini

Update PORT in configuration file from 5672 to 5671. Except if you change the default port defined in the the RabbitMQ configuration template provided in the precedent paragraph.

 host =
 port = 5671

Update activate_ssl switch in configuration file:

 activate_ssl = yes
 ca_certs =
 keyfile =
 certfile =

Put the SSL certificates (ca_cert, key_file, cert_file) in <irma dir>/ssl Update ca_certs, keyfile and certfile in configuration file according to the filenames in ”./ssl”

 activate_ssl = yes
 ca_certs = <ca_cert_filename>
 keyfile = <key_filename>
 certfile = <cert_filename>


If you are switching to ssl from an already running no_ssl version, please do the following on irma-brain RabbitMQ server:

$ sudo rabbitmqctl stop_app
$ sudo rabbitmqctl reset
$ sudo rabbitmqctl start_app
# create again the RabbitMQ vhosts, usernames and passwords:
$ sudo ./extras/scripts/rabbitmq/ probe probe mqprobe
$ sudo ./extras/scripts/rabbitmq/ brain brain mqbrain
$ sudo ./extras/scripts/rabbitmq/ frontend frontend mqfrontend